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Mai (c.1751-1780), mistakenly known as Omai in Britain, was a young Ra'iatean man who became the second Pacific Islander to visit Europe, after Ahu-toru who was brought to Paris by Bougainville in 1768.

Omai (deity)

Omai is a Creator deity ( god) mentioned by Davi Kopenawa Yanomami, a shaman and Portuguese-speaking spokesperson of the Yanomami índios of Brazil.

In his own words translated from Portuguese:

I want to speak giving the message from Omai. Omai is the creator of the Yanomami who also has created all the shaboris that are the shamans. The shaboris are the ones that have the knowledge, and they sent two of us to deliver their message.

As Davi Kopenawa learned Portuguese from a Christian mission run by New Tribes Mission, an American evangelical organization specializing in the proselytization of isolated peoples, it may be that Omai is regarded as synonymous with God the Father as revered in Christian belief via syncretism.

Omai (play)

Omai is a 1785 pantomime written by John O'Keeffe with music by William Shield. It depicts the voyage of Omai, a Tahitian royal, to marry Londina the fictional daughter of Britannia. It was loosely inspired by the real visit of Omai to Europe in the 1770s and the final voyage of the explorer Captain James Cook leading up to his dramatic death in 1779. Its full name is Omai: or, a trip round the world