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OLP (disambiguation)

OLP may refer to:

  • Our Lady Peace, a Canadian alternative rock band
  • Our Lady of Peace (disambiguation)
  • OLP Guitars
  • Ontario Liberal Party, a provincial political party in Ontario, Canada
  • Royal Mail Online Postage, a service provided by Royal Mail in the UK
  • Ordinal linguistic personification, the sense that ordered sequences have personalities
  • Open License Program, a Microsoft volume license service
  • Oral lichen planus of the oral mucosa
  • Old Loggers Path, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Olympic Dam Airport (IATA airport code: OLP) in South Australia
  • Olp, a village within Sort municipal term, Pallars Sobirà, Spain

Olp is a hamlet within Sort municipal term, Pallars Sobirà, Catalonia, Spain.

This hamlet had only 46 inhabitants in 2006. It is located in the Pyrenees, at an altitude between 1,000 and 1,150 m.

Usage examples of "olp".

When I rode into Hattan's I figured on trouble, but when I saw Olp Maclaren I decided to stay and marrv her.