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Olmstead may refer to:

  • Albert T. Olmstead (1880–1945) American assyriologist
  • Bert Olmstead, Canadian ice hockey player
  • Denison Olmstead, American astronomer
  • Gertrude Olmstead (1897–1975), American actress
  • Marla Olmstead, abstract artist
  • Matt Olmstead, American writer and producer for television shows
  • C. Michelle Olmstead, American astronomer
  • Roy Olmstead, famous bootlegger during American prohibition
  • Robert Olmstead, American novelist and educator
Case law:
  • Olmstead v. United States, a decision of the United States Supreme Court concerning the legality of wiretapping by government officials
  • Olmstead v. L.C., a decision of the United States Supreme Court defining mental illness as a disability covered under title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Lake Olmstead Stadium, stadium in Augusta, Georgia used primarily by the Augusta GreenJackets baseball team