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Olmos may refer to:

  • Olmos District, a district in Peru
  • Olmos, Peru, a populated place in Peru
  • Los Olmos, a town in Aragón, Spain
  • Olmos, Uruguay, a town in Canelones Department, Uruguay

Usage examples of "olmos".

My friend Wilfredo Olmos Delsol, who was on the boat with me, has the flight numbers memorized.

I would also like you to allow Rogers to hire Tomas Obregon, Wilfredo Olmos Delsol, Teofilio Paez and Ramon Gutierrez as full-time drivers.

Lemus Y Olmos, wrote this about the paintings: ‘By their composition, strength of lines, and proportions, they show that their author was not uneducated, and that though he was not a Raphael, he must have studied nature.

We will ford Olmos Creek upstream from Béxar, relieve the Alamo from the west then withdraw to Gonzales and fortify in a line southeast to Columbus and Brazoria.