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n. (alternative spelling of ollav English)

Usage examples of "ollave".

An ollave of the highest grade is professor, singer, poet, all in the one.

Master Thady Boy Ballagh, ollave, poet, professor, the fifteenth and the nippiest, climbed straight to the yardarm, made his way to the peak, and sixty feet up over a listing deck, knife in hand, probed the lashings.

I think of it, is one ollave per inhabited and manured quarter of ground.

He and the ollave plunged in, tongues flailing, while Robin Stewart stood by, full of proprietorial pride and black jealousy.

In an untidy, stained heap on his hocks, the ollave remained, watching.

Henri would see that he came to Court and sat soft in the crook of his arm, and his ollave too.

The lazy eye of the Prince fell on the replete ollave, travelled from his black-rimmed hands to his mud splashed boots and rose again.

And firmly shutting the door of his sanctum, he gave the ollave a broad and confidential wink.

The big room shared by Prince and ollave was seldom empty of convivial company disputing hotly in French, Irish, English, Latin.

The ollave loosed his clasped hands and laid two fingers on the latch.

Prince of Barrow, returning the crystal, addressed his ollave over his shoulder.

Prince of Conde, dropping on to the balcony opposite, met a screeching beldame, bald as an egg, the ollave ripped the cloth free and flung it into the street.

But Tosh had only met the ollave through Abernaci, and told Stewart nothing else that was new.

And flinching aside from the shirt and trunks and doublet the ollave was donning, Phelim had opened the clothes chest.

During supper, the ollave had been asked to sing, and did so readily, unprepossessing but reasonably clean, and almost quite sober.