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Olivella is a municipality in Catalonia, in the province of Barcelona, Spain. It is situated in the comarca of Garraf.

Olivella (gastropod)

Olivella, common name the dwarf olives, is a genus of small predatory sea snails, marine gastropod molluscs in the family Olivellidae, the dwarf olives. Olivella is the type genus of the family.

Usage examples of "olivella".

In the midst of the cataclysm Aminta de Olivella seemed to be everywhere at once, her hair soaking wet and her splendid dress spattered with mud, but bearing up under the misfortune with the invincible smile, learned from her husband, that would give no quarter to adversity.

Tired of waiting, smiling even on the verge of tears, Aminta de Olivella ordered luncheon to be served.

Aminta de Olivella was radiant as she decided to serve the dessert on the terraces even though they had already had their coffee.

Nick told himself to pay the questions no mind, that his sole task was to deliver the Pasha to the Hotel Olivella au Lac where Mr.

She found the phone number of the Hotel Olivella au Lac and held it out in front of her.

We have probable cause to believe that a suspect involved in the importation of a large shipment of heroin is currently residing at the Hotel Olivella au Lac in room four zero seven.

Nearly twenty-four hours after his escape from the Hotel Olivella au Lac, Wolfgang Kaiser had not yet been apprehended.