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Oļegs may refer to:

  • Oļegs Aleksejenko (born 1961), former Latvian international football midfielder
  • Oļegs Antropovs (born 1947), Latvian former volleyball player
  • Oļegs Blagonadeždins (born 1973), retired football defender from Latvia
  • Oļegs Deņisovs (born 1966), Latvian politician
  • Oļegs Karavajevs (born 1961), former Latvian football goalkeeper
  • Oļegs Laizāns (born 1987), football midfielder from Latvia
  • Oļegs Maļuhins (born 1969), Latvian biathlete who retired after the 2006 Turin Olympics
  • Oļegs Malašenoks (born 1986), Latvian professional footballer
  • Oļegs Sorokins (born 1974), Latvian professional ice hockey defender
  • Oļegs Znaroks (born 1963), Latvian former ice hockey player