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Öje is a village in Malung-Sälen Municipality, Dalarna, Sweden. Its population was 162 people in 2010.

Several factories for manufacturing clothing and consumer products from leather were located in Öje in the 20th century. The leather industry declined and the manufacturers were closed in the 1970s and 1980s. A museum displaying and commemorating the leather manufacturing industry is located in one of the former factory buildings in Öje.


OJE or oje can refer to

  • Öje, a village in Malung municipality, Dalarna, Sweden
  • Ojé, an antihelminthic folk remedy made from Ficus insipida latex
  • Organización Juvenil Española, Spanish Youth Organization, volunteer movement that originated in 1960, founded by Spanish youths for the training of Youth, with a philosophy and own ideas and specific teaching techniques