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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ As more oilfields were discovered, petroleum products increased by more than 16 times in the 1920s.
▪ Five more oilfields were producing oil from the North Sea continental shelf in 1976, including the massive Brent and Alpha fields.
▪ In particular the positions around the vital bridges across the river lying between the oilfields and the enemy must be secured.
▪ The oilfield was close to the Los Padres National Forest, then tinder dry.
▪ The Gurkhas occupy a depth position around the oilfields.
▪ The purpose of the visit was to review North Sea technologies with a view to utilising them in their own oilfields.
▪ The Wytch Farm oilfield started production from the Bridport reservoir at the rate of 4000 barrels a day in 1978.

n. (alternative spelling of oil field English)


n. a region rich in petroleum deposits (especially one with producing oil wells)

Usage examples of "oilfield".

Persian Government, General Quinan, who was commanding in Iraq, had been ordered on July 22 to be ready to occupy the oil refinery at Abadan and the oilfields, together with those two hundred and fifty miles farther north near Khanaqin.

Of the companies that were so willing to give me every facility I would like to thank, in particular, Trans-Canada Airlines and Canadian Pacific for making it possible for me to travel at will regardless of currency difficulties, and Imperial Oil for giving me the freedom of the new big oilfields of Alberta and going to endless trouble in taking me round their rigs and introducing me to the whole process of drilling.

Mikolashek needed to seize the Rumaylah oilfields, among other tasks, and he wanted to catch the Iraqi ground forces unaware.

He will be remembered affectionately by the hunters, miners and loggers, as well as the tourists, who visited him in his mountain kingdom and listened to his stories of the oilfields and heard him make the surrounding peaks ring with the skirl of his pipes.

I'm a denizen of the concretest jungle in the world, and though I've been to a hell of a lot of countries, it's been mostly cities, or with mobs of people around - camps, mines, oilfields, anywhere there's a news story to cover.

The only way to be sure you're sitting on an oilfield is to drill down and find out.