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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ an oiled frying pan
▪ Drizzle caramel from the end of a fork into irregular shapes on to lightly oiled foil.
▪ Facilities will include an intensive care unit and an oiled bird cleaning facility.
▪ His dark limbs gleamed like oiled gold beneath the faded bermudas and T-shirt.
▪ Jean-Paul looked down at his own oiled body, then spat on to his palm for added lubrication.
▪ Shackled to an oar, she strained in a galley as an oiled mountain of flesh beat a huge drum.
▪ Sinews bunched and moved under his skin like oiled spaghetti.
▪ Smooth as oiled silk, his skin excited her delicate touch.
▪ There were indeed, among the chaos of boxes and bags of gold, several bottles and packages in oiled paper.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

oiled \oiled\ (oild), a.

  1. Covered or treated with oil; dressed with, or soaked in, oil.

  2. Drunk; inebriated. [slang] Oiled silk, silk rendered waterproof by saturation with boiled oil. well oiled,

    1. operating smoothly and efficiently.

    2. very drink. [slang]

  1. 1 Of a machine, supplied with oil so as to allow smooth operation. 2 (context slang English) drunk. Usually in conjunction with well. v

  2. Simple past and past participle of '''oil.'''


adj. treated with oil; "oiled country roads"; "an oiled walnut table" [ant: unoiled]


Usage examples of "oiled".

Mallick Rel, his fat, soft hands folded together and resting on his paunch, his skin the colour of oiled leather and smelling of Aren perfumes.

You start with a frame of bone and wood shaped like a bowl that will hold two or maybe three people, and cover it with a hide, usually aurochs, hair side out and well oiled.

Vetch oiled and buffed her morning and evening now, not only to keep her from itching too much, but to keep her skin supple and prevent it from tearing as she grew.

He stared at his owner, a swarthy man with crimped and oiled hair, cicatrices on his face.

Its head was invisible, covered with an oiled cowhide bag against the salt spray.

With the light behind her now, Gaye could see that her attacker had a dull yellow-orange face with short tusks sticking up over its upper lip, and wore black, spike-studded armor, well oiled.

Placing my hand on the oiled and belted stanchions, engraved, beneath their filth, with the guilded charms, I could feel the faint tremor which always came through this thinly made structure in the quiet moments between trains.

But then the jalopy moved and took Willy Bersinger and Samuel Fitts with it, their hair cut, oiled, and neat on their sweet-smelling skulls, their cheeks pink-shaven, their fingernails flashing the sun.

His skin was dark as oiled mahogany, his teeth flashing white, and below his kaffiyeh peeked tight brown curls.

While they could hardly be called a handsome group, they were well-outfitted, with stout leather arm and shin guards, oiled chain-mail vests over thin lanate shirts, and small round shields of layered rawhide hung from wide belts.

The proprietor, a Lisk named Sansunus, slid into the booth as if his limbs had been freshly oiled.

Lauren was very careful not to overdo her sunbathing, kept her skin oiled while she was lying on her lounger on deck, and sheltered under a large sunshade when the sun was at its height, so that by the end of the first week she had a pale golden tan which looked wonderful against her sun-bleached blonde hair and slanting green eyes.

A tall man, his black beard oiled to a curling point and a ruby the size of a caper set in one ear, he had the hands of a lutist and the easy carriage of one accustomed to having his own way.

It had to be coconut oil squeezed from edible copra, and before they left that roof Pilau had oiled everything on it that spun, or slid, or twisted, or looked to him as though it might someday want to.

She was naked, oiled up like a bimbo at a sleazy sex bar, and shackled at the feet.