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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Oho \O*ho"\, interj. An exclamation of surprise, etc.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

14c., from oh + ho.


interj. Expressing surprise or gloating realisation; aha.


was a after Eiryaku and before Chōkan. This period spanned the years from September 1161 through March 1163. The reigning emperor was .


Oho may refer to:

  • Oho!, Finnish entertainment magazine
  • Ōhō , Japanese era from 1161 to 1163
  • Ōho , Japanese location
  • Oho, Japan, a village in Tsukuba District, Ibaraki
  • Octahemioctahedron
  • Okhotsk Airport (IATA code: OHO), airport in Russia
  • Oho, an experiment at KEKB (accelerator)
  • Hurricane Oho

Usage examples of "oho".

He groaneth, He moaneth, He aileth, He waileth, Lying sighing, Nigh to dying, Oho, I know 'Tis so.

Among them, one voice is momentarily clear, seeming to leave a trail of slime behind it as it enters his ear: Drudge drudge drudge, oho the bledding foodzies, soon he cummz, my good friend Mun-shun, and such a prize I have for him, oho, oho - Jack looks at his old friend as Parkus hunkers by a tow sack and loosens the drawstring at the top.