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Ogurtsov (; masculine) or Ogurtsova (; feminine) is a Russian last name. Possibly a variant of the last name Agureyev, it might also be a derivative from the nickname "" (Ogurets), which literally means cucumber. This possibility, however, is discounted by some researchers.

People with the last name
  • Alexey Ogurtsov, Russian actor who played Spirid in the 2014 dark fantasy movie Viy
  • Artyom Ogurtsov, Russian association football player who played for PBC CSKA Moscow in 1999–2000
  • Bazhen Ogurtsov, an architect who contributed to the construction of the Spasskaya Tower of the Moscow Kremlin
  • Dmitry Ogurtsov, Russian ice hockey player 2011 HC CSKA Moscow draft pick
  • Dmitry Ogurtsov, member of the Young Guard, a Soviet resistance group
  • Igor Ogurtsov, co-founder of VSHSON, an underground anti-Soviet organization
  • Nikolay Ogurtsov (b. 1996), Russian association football player
  • Mariya Ohurtsova (Ogurtsova) (b. 1983), retired Ukrainian swimmer
  • Sergey Ogurtsov, birth name of Sergey Lemokh (b. 1965), Russian singer
  • Sergey Ogurtsov, head of Sochi Police, Russia
  • Yevgeniya Ogurtsova, member of the all-girl Russian pop rock group Ranetki Girls
Fictional characters
  • Serafim Ogurtsov, a character in the 1956 Soviet musical Carnival Night