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Ogugu is a community of Igala-speaking people in the Olamaboro Local Government Area of the Kogi State in north central Nigeria. Ogugu people have a culture that has been misunderstood by other Igalas. It is called Ibegwu, literally meaning ancestors. It is believed that ancestors watch over their progeny to stop them from doing mischief. For instance, an Ogugu man can not be a party to premeditated murder. He would be 'arrested' by Ibegwu. He would be struck by some mysterious ailment, the cure to which is a public confession and performance of the necessary rituals for cleansing. According to the ancestral rules, a married woman cannot have an affair with any other man. The same punishment cited above applies. Some have argued that if a man has the liberty to flirt, a woman should also have the same right. They are predominantly subsistence farmers. Ibegwu culture is all encompassing to a woman. She is expected to be submissive to her husband in all aspect and everything she does must be with his consent.

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