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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ A group of men were ogling her from a bench across the street.
▪ The beach was full of teenage boys who had come to ogle the girls in bikinis.
▪ The boys spent most of their time at the beach ogling girls in bikinis.
▪ Been ogling her up and down ever since she'd entered the room.
▪ I say and now I am ogling him.
▪ It scared and disgusted her the way every male she met suddenly started ogling the blancmange under her blouse.
▪ Ralph could only ogle, though, helpless with envy, as Grover baIled up his napkin.
▪ Sergei, the cook, ogled Nina from the kitchen door.
▪ Simon beach club and joined the foreigners ogling the floor show at the Casino du Liban.
▪ The specialist ogled it through a tiny lens Like one I'd had at school.
▪ To give Pesci and Glover some one to ogle?
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Ogle \O"gle\ ([=o]g'l), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Ogled ([=o]g'ld); p. pr. & vb. n. Ogling ([=o]"gl[i^]ng).] [From a Dutch word corresponding to G. ["a]ugeln to ogle, fr. auge eye; cf. D. ooglonken to ogle, OD. oogen to cast sheep's eyes upon, ooge eye. See Eye.]

  1. To view or look at with side glances, as in fondness, or with a design to attract notice.

    And ogling all their audience, ere they speak.

  2. To stare at conspicuously or impertinently.


Ogle \O"gle\, n. An amorous side glance or look.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1680s, probably from Low German oeglen, frequentative of oegen "look at," from oege "eye," from Proto-Germanic *augon-, from PIE *okw- "to see" (see eye (n.)). Related to Dutch ogen "to look at," from oog "eye." Related: Ogled; ogling. The noun meaning "an amorous glance" is attested from 1711; earlier it meant "an eye" (1700).


n. An impertinent, flirtatious, amorous or covetous stare. vb. (context transitive intransitive English) To stare at (someone or something), especially impertinently, amorously, or covetously.


v. look at with amorous intentions

Ogle -- U.S. County in Illinois
Population (2000): 51032
Housing Units (2000): 20420
Land area (2000): 758.833138 sq. miles (1965.368722 sq. km)
Water area (2000): 4.434577 sq. miles (11.485500 sq. km)
Total area (2000): 763.267715 sq. miles (1976.854222 sq. km)
Located within: Illinois (IL), FIPS 17
Location: 42.025711 N, 89.308985 W
Ogle, IL
Ogle County
Ogle County, IL

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Ogle (surname)

Ogle is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Ahmed Abdi Ogle, Kenyan politician elected to the Kenyan Parliament in 1963, 1974 and 1983
  • Alexander Ogle (1766–1832), American politician, father of Charles Ogle (politician) and grandfather of Andrew Jackson Ogle
  • Andrew Jackson Ogle (1822–1852), American politician
  • Benjamin Ogle (1749-1809), Governor of Maryland from 1798 to 1801
  • Brett Ogle (born 1964), Australian professional golfer
  • Catherine Ogle (born 1961), British Anglican priest and Dean of Birmingham
  • Chaloner Ogle (1681–1750), British admiral
  • Sir Chaloner Ogle, 1st Baronet (1726–1816), British admiral
  • Sir Charles Ogle, 2nd Baronet (1775–1858), British Admiral of the Fleet
  • Charles Ogle (politician) (1798–1841), US Congressman
  • Charles Ogle (racing driver) (1941–1985), American physician, businessman and NASCAR driver
  • Charles Chaloner Ogle (1851–1871), British journalist
  • Charles Clifford Ogle (1923–c. 1964?), American businessman and aviator who disappeared
  • Charles Stanton Ogle (1865–1940), American silent film actor
  • Dan C. Ogle (1901–1990), American major general and third Surgeon General of the United States Air Force
  • David Ogle (1922–1962), British industrial and car designer
  • George Ogle (1742–1814), Irish politician
  • George Ogle (translator) (1704–1746), English author and translator
  • John William Ogle (1824–1905), British medical doctor
  • June Ogle (born 1986), Guyanese cricketer
  • Kenneth N. Ogle, scientist of human vision
  • Natalie Ogle (born 1960), English actress
  • Ponsonby Ogle (1855–1902), British writer and journalist
  • Ralph Ogle, 3rd Baron Ogle (1468-1512)
  • Robert Ogle (1928-1998), Canadian Catholic priest and politician
  • Robert Ogle, 1st Baron Ogle (1406–1469)
  • Samuel Ogle (c. 1694-1752), three times Provincial Governor of Maryland
  • Thomas Ogle, English soldier and royalist plotter c. 1643
  • William Ogle, 1st Viscount Ogle (died 1670), English soldier and politician

Usage examples of "ogle".

Madame Alp and, so as not to be ogled for free by the gathered gawks, went to wait in the tent wagon, where she could be company for Magpie Maggie Hag, still enfeebled by her premonitions or whatever was ailing her.

Sianadh had hired a carriage and driver, which contraption was ogled by the neighbors when it stopped at the door, carriages being a rarity in Bergamot Street.

In every snickert and ginnel, bone-grubbers, rufflers, shivering-jemmies, anglers, clapperdogeons, peterers, sneeze-lurkers and Whip Jacks with their morts, out of the picaroon, fox and flimp and ogle.

The door slammed shut, the van burned rubber and shot forward out of the drive, revealing something that had been hiding on the other side of it: Cyrus Rutherford Ogle, flanked by two dozen TV cameramen and still photographers, all of whom were busily recording the quickly changing facial expressions of Jeremiah Freel, and his vanishing penis.

The also enyoyed the time old habit of finding a comfortable perch in the center, near the mine office, where they guzzled beer and ogled the odd female.

That day they were bored in their usual ocupation namely sitting on the stoop of the general store, guzzling beer and ogling the odd female.

Some of the enthusiasts seeking to meet me were seeking to meet what they properly considered a Far Journeyer, but a great many wished to meet a man they mistakenly considered Un Grand Romancier, author of an imaginative and entertaining fiction, and others clearly wished only to ogle a Prodigious Liar, as they might have flocked to watch the frusta of some eminent criminal at the piazzetta pillars.

But he continued pointing in silence at the old man, who was leering and smirking and ogling, in evident delight at being the centre of attention.

Beside her sat a tall handsome woman with a hard mouth, dressed in white linen and a picture hat, who ogled him tentatively through a lorgnon during the moment of introduction before permitting her face to relax into a smile of welcome.

Angrier than I had ever been in my life, I attacked, leaping for his throat, infuriated that another male would lustfully ogle my mate in my face.

The dwarf acolytes, giggling, peeping, nudging, ogling, Easterkissing, zigzag behind him.

Cadwell: I was ogling a lady in the second balcony that I believe I know.

Now that I think about it, both he and Skip were probably ogling you the minute we stepped off the boat.

She did a quick peek over her shoulder and sure enough Remy was ogling her big behind in the short shorts.

The thought of sitting through four more nights of guys ogling Claire made the mineral water in his glass taste like horse piss.