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He had been in close quarters with the Oghen pair for too long, and could tell that he was growing irritable because of it.

Romulans to offload every survivor you have, so you can get back to the surface of Oghen as quickly as possible.

The interspatial energy discharges and related natural disasters occurring on Oghen were making their rescue flights more and more dangerous by the second.

Had Ree known that he had intended to participate directly in the evacuation runs over Oghen, he might have had been tempted to place Keru in a restraining field.

The job would take approximately two and a half days, not to mention immense amounts of power, and would most likely be risky given the interspatial energy discharges that were popping up with such frequency throughout the expanse between the Oghen system and the rift.

Rather than help themselves, or allow us to help them, they had chosen to commit suicide, and to kill their children, even as Oghen disintegrated around them.

He spoke soothingly to her, as though by calming Nozomi he might also comfort all two-million-plus of the lost, homeless souls who now clung to life within the very same habitat that had brought the First Neyel to the Coreworld of Oghen centuries ago.

This was the first time Troi had seen them both together since the evacuation of Oghen had begun.

He told of her coming to Oghen, of the life she had lived there, of the incremental yet necessary changes she had helped bring to Neyel society, and of the legacy she had left behind.

The substance had been unknown on Oghen before the coming of the Neyel.

And Wataryn had been uneasy ever since the day the ancient Neyel chief had come to Oghen bearing his so-called Proclamation of Friendship and Understanding.

Their resources could be used in fairly short order to restore the Coreworld of Oghen to something approximating its former beauty and glory.

Jonat wondered if the slaughter of the Oghen had been truly justified.

He sometimes secretly wondered what might have happened had the Neyel and the Oghen indigies gone out into the universe together as partners.

Far Oghen vanished, replaced by a highly magnified, computer-enhanced image of what seemed to be a long, slender worm of the purest liquid silver.