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Ogags was a prime time variety/comedy show on the Philippines produced by TV5 (Philippines) The ''Kapatid'' Network. The show broadcasts from (formerly known as ABC 5) a major Filipino television network. Studios based in Mandaluyong City, Philippines. Aired weekly on Wednesday nights at 8:30 pm for 1 hour.

The show Ogags was filled with comedy sketches, performance by the main host Ariana Barouk with her co-hosts and guests. The concept of the show was a foreigner trying to speak Tagalog and mispronouncing the words. The script was never given to the foreign hosts, it was purposely read on camera, to make fun of the foreigner trying to pronounce each Tagalog word.

The show had various addition segments that featured almost stunt-like acts from crazy groups like The Calamity Fun, The Ogagsters in "Silent Lamay" featuring RJ! also joined by Gomz, Mad Killah, Caloy Alde and other celebrities. And the Smurfets! OGAGS was taped throughout the many Islands of the Philippines. Upon the station being taken over by new management the network re-vamped and many shows were cancelled and replaced by new ones, as was Ogags in 2010.