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n. (initialism of own goal English)


OG, O.G., or Og may refer to:

  • Og, an ancient Amorite king of Bashan
  • Objective glass in optics, especially refractive telescopes, the objective lens
  • Obstetrics and gynaecology, the two medical specialties dealing with the female reproductive organs
  • Oganesson, a proposed name for element 118 on the periodic table, with symbol Og, named after Russian scientist Yuri Oganessian
  • Olive green, a common colour in military use
  • One-Two-GO Airlines (IATA airline code: OG)
  • Orange G, a counterstain used in the Pap stain
  • Original gangster (disambiguation), various meanings derived from a slang term for a veteran gang member
  • Original Gangsters (gang), a Swedish gang
  • Original gravity, used in calculating the alcohol content of a drink
  • River Og, a river in Wiltshire, England
  • og, a namespace identifier typically tied in web pages to the Facebook Open Graph protocol
OG (eSports)

OG is a European professional Dota 2 eSports team. It was founded by former (monkey) Business players on October 31, 2015. Soon after their renaming to OG, they won the Frankfurt Major tournament in November 2015, winning around US$1 million in prize money. Despite a 7th-place finish at the Shanghai Major in March 2016, OG won the Manila Major in June 2016, becoming the first team to repeat as champions of a Valve sponsored Dota 2 tournament.

Usage examples of "og".

Tir Nan Og, as do all of us here in the Tir inna m Beo, the land of the living.

Behind him, the passage echoed to the wheels of the chariots of Lugh, Dove Berg, Angus Og, Eochy, Coll, Cecht, Mac Greina, Mananaan, the whole host of the Sidhe, to hoofs of horses and running feet.

Weisbeck, Wayne Butt, Bruce Burnham, Ogren, Gail Gleasner, Alice Goff, Nancy Catena, Patti Ann Rathke, ' f Dickke, Hilde Faxlanger, Faith Ryan, Sandy Bangs, Bette Pancoe, Kevin Koehler, Marvin McClenathan, Dottie Palmer, Chris Carr, Slosson, Deanna Diebold, Molly Eimer, Ray Kaiser, Rick Ludlow, Corky Castle, Charley Chriswell, Marian Mattiuzzio, Dino Calvo, Johnny Olinger, Reddy Heart--we miss you, we're thinking of you, we want to see you again, we love you.

OGs took care of their Tinies and their sales, and they watched TK (he knew they were watching) from behind curtained windows, from within the tinted glass of automobiles, from sunlit positions on street corners or beside fragrant dumpsters.