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OFS may stand for:

  • Ottawa Fire Service
  • Oklahoma Office of State Finance
  • A division of Operations Feedback ("Operations Feedback Systems"), developers of OEE, productivity and efficiency solutions.
  • Amiga Old File System
  • Object File System, supposed to be included as part of Cairo operating system
  • Office of Financial Stability
  • Schlumberger Oilfield Services, a division of Schlumberger Limited
  • Operation Freedom's Sentinel, a U.S. led counterterrorism mission in Afghanistan since Jan 1, 2015.
  • Orange Free State, a province of South Africa
  • Overseas Family School, a school in Singapore
  • One Fell Swoop, a band in Toronto, Canada
  • Orley Farm School, a North-London prep school
  • OFS, formerly "Optical Fiber Solutions", a division of Furukawa Electric (but formerly part of Lucent)
  • Secular Franciscan Order (; abbreviated OFS)
  • OFS (Only Finest Selection), in a wine context, usually in reference to only premium grapes being used for a particular wine production.
  • OFS Studio ( Old Fire Station), Oxford, England
  • Offer for Sale