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office furniture

n. furniture intended for use in an office

Usage examples of "office furniture".

Duane's office furniture could go down into the root cellar where my grandmothers old furniture now sat.

The Ordo guys have yanked their video camera out of the window and restationed it at their front desk, recording a barrier built of cheap modular office furniture piled against the glass entrance to the reception.

Behind sandbags and sheets of armor plate, behind overturned office furniture, there they lay, firing very intermittently.

She whisked a few items of office furniture with the duster before sitting down.

All in the world you had to do then was to spend your last hundred bucks on a down payment on some rent and office furniture and sit on your tail until somebody brought a lion in--so you could put your head in the lion's mouth to see if he would bite.

The runt was so out of proportion to his office furniture that he appeared to be a bug perched in the giant leather executive chair, which itself looked like the maw of a Venus's--flytrap about to swallow him for lunch.

When the dean called him in to inform him that he had flunked out, the tall young Arab was puffing a stogie that cost half as much as the office furniture and weighed more than the phone on the desk.

The tornadic winds died momentarily, blocked by her office furniture.

Even the attorney's choice of office furniture suited Qwilleran's taste.

The front end of the raging monster crumpled as she bit deeply and plunged into the control room in a chaos of tearing, twisting metal and an explosion of electronic equipment, wiring, office furniture, and computer systems.

It was a private air-field built alongside the extensive buildings of the Schliemann company, which once made wooden office furniture and exported its entire production to Russia.

A cozy room, altogether, despite the overcrowding of her office furniture and the obstacle course of boxes that still littered the floor.

They were almost concealed behind piles of discarded office furniture, old typewriters, and moldering cardboard cartons.

The offices were furnished with old steel desks and chairs done up in the colorless hues and unconvincing wood grain reserved for office furniture, but the walls were virtually papered with brightly colored bumper stickers and posters.