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vb. (en-past of: off)

Usage examples of "offed".

The savagery of their particular deaths was grisly enough to get the attention of even the most jaded street bull but, typical of the overworked department, nothing was done until a tourist - more or less the same age as the demised daughter - was offed with the same MO.

All the Werewolves do, but you gotta understand that ever since Junior was offed everybody's jumpy.

The frenzy had nothing to feed on, though there had been that silly burst of hysteria the other night when some salesman had offed his wife and tried to blame it on him.

We'll have to run some tests, but right now it looks like all six were offed within the same thirty-minute period.

Whoever offed 'em shoved 'em in the car, then the car was set on fire.