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Ofe or OFE may refer to:

  • Ofe, in African American Vernacular English, a Yoruban pejorative for a white person
  • Ofè, Collines, Benin (West Africa)
  • Öfe, Turkish exonym for Ufa, Bashkortostan, Russia
  • Office of Financial Education, office in the Office of Financial Institutions agency of the United States Department of Treasury
  • Office of Financial Enforcement, United States Department of Treasury office that merged with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network in 1994
  • Old Friends Equine, equine (horse) retirement facility in Kentucky, USA
  • OpenForum Europe
  • Open Front End, interface for the Kodak prepress printing Approval proofer
  • Opera For Everyone, program of the Hawaii Opera Theatre
  • Operation Flying Eagle, humanitarian military operation for the 2005 Sumatra earthquake
  • Oxygen-free electronic, type of oxygen-free copper