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The term ODT can refer to several things, among them:

  • .ODT, the word processing file format of OpenDocument, an open standard for electronic documents
  • Otago Daily Times, New Zealand's oldest daily newspaper
  • O.D.T., Or Die Trying, is a video game created by Psygnosis for the PlayStation and PC
  • On-line Debugging Tool, a debugger used by certain software from Digital Equipment Corporation
  • On Die Termination, a technique to reduce bounce back of electrical signals on high speed electrical connections
  • Orally disintegrating tablet (or orally dissolving tablet), a pill that "melts" on contact with saliva
  • Objective Dvorak Technique, a technique used to estimate the strength of a tropical cyclone
  • Omnidirectional treadmill, a treadmill which can convey objects in two dimensions
  • Omnidirectional transmission, an active sonar transmission mode
  • Oracle Developer Tools
  • Oven dry tonne, a unit to express the dried weight of an agricultural commodity such as biomass that contained significant water weight when harvested
  • Order-disorder transition