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Odette may refer to:

  • Odette School of Business, a school at the University of Windsor in Windsor, Ontario
  • Odette (given name), people (female) with the given name Odette
  • The White Swan in the ballet Swan Lake
  • Odette Sansom was a French Resistance heroine in the Second World War.
  • Odette (film), a 1950 movie about the World War II French Resistance heroine, Odette Sansom
  • OFTP, Odette File Transfer Protocol, used by the automotive industry

Odette is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Edmond George Odette, one time Canadian Parliamentarian
  • Mary Odette (1901–1987), French-born film actress
Odette (film)

Odette is a 1950 British war film based on the true story of Special Operations Executive French-born agent Odette Sansom, who was captured by the Germans in 1943, condemned to death and sent to Ravensbrück concentration camp to be executed. However, against all odds she survived the war and testified against the prison guards at the Hamburg Ravensbrück Trials. She was awarded the George Cross in 1946; the first woman ever to receive the award, and the only woman who has been awarded it while still alive.

Anna Neagle plays Odette Sansom and Trevor Howard plays Peter Churchill, the British agent she mainly worked with and married after the war. Peter Ustinov plays their radio operator Adolphe Rabinovitch. Colonel Maurice Buckmaster, who was head of the SOE's French Section, played himself in the film, as did Paddy Sproule, another FANY female SOE agent.

Odette (given name)

Odette is a French given name; Old German name Oda + diminutive -tte; a female form of Odo, Odet.

  • Odette, a character in the ballet Swan Lake
  • Odette Annable (born 1985), American actress
  • Odette Bancilhon, French astronomer
  • Odette Barencey (died 1981), French film actress
  • Odette de Champdivers (died c. 1425), mistress of Charles VI of France
  • Odette Drand (born 1927), French Olympic fencer
  • Odette Dulac, French actress and singer
  • Odette Hallowes, World War II Allied heroine
  • Odette Henriette Jacqmin, Thai-French model and singer
  • Odette Herviaux (born 1948), French politician
  • Odette Joyeux (died 2000), French writer and actress
  • Odette Kahn (died 1982), French wine authority
  • Odette Krempin (born 1976), Zairian fashion designer and socialite
  • Odette Lapierre (born 1955), Canadian marathoner
  • Odette Laure (died 2004), French actress and singer
  • Odette Myrtil (died 1978), French-born American actress and musician
  • Odette Nyiramilimo (born 1956), Rwandan physician and former politician
  • Odette Piñeiro, Puerto Rican politician
  • Odette Sansom GC, French spy, and the film Odette on her life story
  • Odette Tchernine, author of several books on the Yeti

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Odette (1916 film)

Odette is a 1916 Italian silent drama film directed by Giuseppe de Liguoro and starring Francesca Bertini, Alfredo De Antoni and Carlo Benetti. It was remade in 1928 and 1935, with both versions starring Bertini.

The film's sets were designed by the art director Alfredo Manzi.

Odette (1934 film)

Odette is a 1934 Italian drama film directed by Jacques Houssin and Giorgio Zambon and starring Francesca Bertini, Samson Fainsilber, Jacques Maury. Bertini had appeared in two previous versions of the story, the first a 1916 silent film Odette.

Odette (1928 film)

Odette'' (German:Mein Leben für das Deine'') is a 1928 German silent drama film directed by Luitz-Morat and starring Francesca Bertini, Warwick Ward and Simone Vaudry. Bertini would star in two other adaptations of the play Odette (1916) and Odette (1934).

The film's sets were designed by the art directors Emil Hasler and Oscar Friedrich Werndorff.