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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

room in a harem, 1620s, from Turkish odah "hall, chamber."


n. room within a harem


Oda or ODA may refer to:

  • Oda (Albania), typical Albanian room
  • Oda (harem), a room within a harem of the Ottoman Empire
  • 1144 Oda, an asteroid
  • Oda, nickname for the Izh 2126, a compact hatchback automobile
Oda (harem)

Oda (, "a room, chamber") is a room within a harem found in the Ottoman Empire.

Oda (Albania)

Oda is a traditional room used in Albania.

Oda (surname)

Oda (written: 織田 or 小田) is a Japanese surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Nobuhide Oda (1510–1551), Japanese warlord and magistrate of lower Owari Province
  • Nobunaga Oda (1534–1582), initiator of the unification of Japan under the shogunate
  • Nobutada Oda (1557–1582), Japanese samurai, eldest son of Nobunaga Oda
  • Nobukatsu Oda (1558–1630), Japanese samurai, second son of Nobunaga Oda
  • Hidenobu Oda (1580–1605), son of Nobutada Oda
  • Ben Oda (1915–1984), Japanese-American comics letterer
  • Bev Oda (born 1944), Canadian politician
  • Eiichirō Oda (born 1975), Japanese manga artist, author of One Piece
  • Kazumasa Oda (born 1947), Japanese singer-songwriter and composer
  • Nobunari Oda (born 1987), Japanese figure skater
  • Sakura Oda (born 1999), Japanese singer, member of Morning Musume
  • Shigeru Oda (born 1924), Japanese jurist, judge on the International Court of Justice from 1975 to 2003
  • Sophie Tamiko Oda (born 1997), American actress
  • Tetsurō Oda (born 1958), Japanese composer, record producer, and singer-songwriter
  • Yūji Oda, (born 1967), Japanese actor and singer
  • Yūsei Oda, (born 1969), Japanese voice actor

Fictional characters:

  • Nobuna Oda, the main female protagonist in The Ambition of Oda Nobuna
  • Toshinori Oda, a character in Battle Royale
  • Joseph Oda, a character from the video game The Evil Within

Usage examples of "oda".

He was Oda Yorimoto, descendant of a powerful daimio of the Ashikaga Dynasty of shoguns who had fled Japan with his faithful samurai nearly three hundred and fifty years before upon the overthrow of the Ashikaga Dynasty.

It was the palace of Daimio Oda Yorimoto, Lord of Yoka, as his ancestors had christened their new island home.

Oda, this Satsuma goshi, eventually decides to obey his parents as is his duty, and take another woman to wife?

The Oda troops rushed out of the castles of Nagoya and Kiyosu and routed the enemy, cutting them down to the last man.

Oda had temporarily abandoned Gifu, and it seemed as though they were making a combined effort in their attack on Nagashima.

Amakasu Sanpei, the Takeda ninja, was still spying on the Oda in Ise or Gifu, but you had already come back.

But if we just bypassed Ieyasu now, when we got to Gifu, Ieyasu would come to the aid of the Oda by obstructing our rear.

Oda troops had been arriving at Hamamatsu, and no one knew for sure how many soldiers might be there now.

There are reproductions of pastels by Virginia Lee, bronzes by Roxanne Swentzell, fabric work by Huichol and Tepehuano artists, photographs by Viggo Mortensen, silkscreens by Mayumi Oda, and so much more.

Lord Hideyoshi, but generally the lords seated here are all bearing firmly in mind that it is the first time the Oda clan has met like this to discuss such important matters.

The Oda troops rushed out of the castles of Nagoya and Kiyosu and routed the enemy, cutting them down to the last man.

Facing them were the forces of Sakai Tadatsugu, and behind them the reinforcements from the Oda clan.

The Araki clan had served the Tokugawa for generations, Yojiemon as a general in the battles Ieyasu had fought for Oda Nobunaga, during that great warlord's drive to conquer the nation.

Like Araki, Endo Munetsugu had lived during the Sengoku Jidai and fought under Oda Nobunaga.

Endo's and Araki's lords, Tokugawa Ieyasu and Toyotomi Hideyoshi, had been generals and allies under Oda Nobunaga.