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Oco or OCO may refer to:

  • Oco, a town in Navarre, Spain
  • Coliseum in Oakland, California, United States
  • Old Cornish language (ISO 639-3 code: oco)
  • Online channel optimisation, particularly the use of tools such as A/B testing and marketing automation to improve websites' KPIs.
  • Oort cloud object, distant bodies of the solar system
  • Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2, successfully launched in 2014, or the original Orbiting Carbon Observatory, lost to a launch vehicle failure in 2009.
  • Overseas Contingency Operation, a name for the United States War on Terror
  • Calgary Olympic Committee, the local organising committee of the 1988 Winter Olympics
  • One cancels other, particularly the use of OCO orders for buying and selling stocks and options on a contingent basis
  • Carbon dioxide, with structural formula OCO (simplified to CO)