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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Occultism \Oc*cult"ism\, n.

  1. A certain Oriental system of theosophy.
    --A. P. Sinnett.

  2. Belief in occult powers or in supernatural forces other than the God of traditional religions, such as in magic, necromancy, alchemy, and astrology.

  3. The study and alleged use of supernatural agencies as in magic, astrology, witchcraft, alchemy, necromancy, spiritualism (communication with the dead), and fortune-telling.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1870, from occult + -ism. Related: Occultist.


n. 1 The study of the supernatural 2 A belief in occult powers and the hope of controlling them

  1. n. the study of the supernatural

  2. a belief in supernatural powers and the possibility of bringing them under human control

Usage examples of "occultism".

What used to be the mystery and occultism of the few is now general knowledge, so that all the playing at occultism by conceited people now seems jejune and foolish.

PRACTICAL OCCULTISM OCCULTISM VERSUS THE OCCULT ARTS THE BLESSINGS OF PUBLICITY POINT LOMA EDITION The Aryan Theosophical Press Point Loma, California 1910 See Book List at the end of this volume for the other numbers of this Series and also for other Theosophical literature.

True, among these sundry things he would indeed have been able to find some newly published books, but not scientific, but rather antiscientific in character: books on astrology, chiromancy, occultism, black magic and witchcraft, and so on, which would have led him to the conclusion that civilization is dead, and the mankind has been thrown back into the Dark Ages.

Although the precise details vary, it is the common Gnostic belief that reached as far as the medieval Cathars, and which underlines the hermetic cosmology that is the basis of Western occultism, running through alchemy to the hermeticism of the Renaissance.

Griffis testified that there was significance in injuries to the left side of the victims as distinguished from the right side: People who practice occultism will use the midline theory, drawing straight down through the body.

This author is no expert on occultism or conspiracy, but it is obvious that the mystical origins, the neo-pagan historical roots of Naziism, the Bavarian Illuminati and the Thule Society, are relatively unknown areas yet to be explored by technically competent researchers.

Witchcraft and magic, occultism and daemonology, were what he sought now.

The intuition of the ecstatics comes nearer to the truth with regard to these primitive signs that even the science of the learned, because, as we have said, the universal vital fluid, the astral light, being the mediating principle between the ideas and the forms, is obedient to the extraordinary leaps of the soul which seeks the unknown, and furnishes it naturally with the signs already found, but forgotten, of the great revelations of occultism.

At no time had I the least interest in either occultism or abnormal psychology.

Also, besides the manuscripts, I have letters that offer revelations on the connections between Joan of Arc and the Sibylline Books, between Lilith the Talmudic demon and the hermaphroditic Great Mother, between the genetic code and the Martian alphabet, between the secret intelligence of plants, cosmology, psychoanalysis, and Marx and Nietzsche in the perspective of a new angelology, between the Golden Number and the Grand Canyon, Kant and occultism, the Eleusian mysteries and jazz, Cagliostro and atomic energy, homosexuality and gno-sis, the golem and the class struggle.

There were several shops devoted to lucky charms and various occultisms —.