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OCC (disambiguation)

Usage examples of "occ".

The Occ dwelt alone in all space, or so it thought, for it did not know that there was space beyond space.

The Occ did not object, or kill it, because the Occ was lonely in forever time and forever space.

The tiny bird and the Occ became friends and the Occ was not lonely any more.

To stop the Occ from weeping the little bird decided that it was time to die, though it had not wished to die so soon, and it explained to the Occ what would happen and what the Occ must do.

It was to have been four parts, but now that the Occ had wept and brought forth water there was need for only three.

And the Occ ate the third and last part of what had been the tiny bird.

The Occ wept again in memory of its little friend and the egg of the World was cleansed.

And for a little time the Occ nested atop the egg it had hatched and was content, until a voice from the space beyond space called to it and gave commands.

The Occ was to leave the egg and fly into the space beyond space and there, after a long journey, it would find a vast fire.

The little bird laughed at this and the Occ was dismayed until the bird explained that now its task was lighter-one fourth of its task was accomplished.

The poor Occ did not understand and continued to weep and weep until there was too much water in the world.