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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ an obsolescent skill
▪ By 1616 the commissioners had raised over £25,000 by the enforcement of obsolescent Crown rights within the forest.
▪ Conservative in aim, it was natural for this legislation to emphasise an obsolescent, legalistic definition, and evade contemporary reality.
▪ First, the government is pumping a lot of cash into obsolescent industries.
▪ This approach, which requires special sales and maintenance centres, is obsolescent now that computers are becoming a consumer item.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

noncurrent \noncurrent\ adj. not current or belonging to the present time. Opposite of current. [Narrower terms: back(prenominal), out-of-date; discontinued, out of print(predicate), out of production(predicate), out of use(predicate); disused, obsolete ; {obsolete, outdated, outmoded, out-of-date, superannuated ; {obsolescent ] Also See: {old, past.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1755, from Latin obsolescentum (nominative obsolescens), present participle of obsolescere "fall into disuse" (see obsolete).


a. In the process of becoming obsolete, but not obsolete yet.


adj. becoming obsolete

Usage examples of "obsolescent".

The airport was obsolescent because---as had happened so often in the short six decades of modern aviation history---air progress had eclipsed prediction.

A couple of grenades old-style drillbombs, obsolescent and crude by the latest ordnance standards, but still effective.

The floors of hall and living-room were strewn with fresh-cut rushes, an obsolescent custom which served here alike to save the heavy cost of carpets and to lend the place an ancient baronial dignity.

All these capable people are thus in the position of Wotan, forced to maintain as sacred, and themselves submit to, laws which they privately know to be obsolescent makeshifts, and to affect the deepest veneration for creeds and ideals which they ridicule among themselves with cynical scepticism.

But its best troops and armament had been lost in Belgium and in northern France, its small and obsolescent Air Force had been largely destroyed, and its two most illustrious generals, Marshal Petain and General Weygand, who now began to dominate the shaky government, had no more stomach for battle against such a superior foe.

It was bound to become obsolescent sooner or later, just as sorites and paradigms and syllogisms became obsolete before it.

As knowledgeable folk had predicted, the berserker fighter machines generally outclassed the obsolescent ships in which the human pilots defending this sector were forced to ride and fight, and mowed them down ruthlessly.

He said that instruction would do, and he was not only, younger and handsomer, but he was fresher from the schools than old Harrington, who, even the lady sketchers could see, painted in an obsolescent manner.

He said that instruction would do, and he was not only, younger and handsomer, but he was fresher from the schools than old Harrington, who, even the lady sketchers could see, painted in an obsolescent manner.

I don't see any reason for the bogeys to go out of their way and waste the time to bring a single obsolescent light attack craft into their engagement range when the damage has already been done.

Click here for more about the system of bit-pattern designators used by RIST 11A4 to replace the obsolescent nomenclature systems of "natural languages.

Yes, he'd been preparing for his journeyman's examinations and old Gallardy had been droning on and on about unusual and obsolescent techniques.

There's been a lot of passive resistance to Admiral Sarnow's instructions to decommission so many of their older units, obsolescent pieces of junk or not.

Both the German invasion of France and the fighting in the North African desert had shown severe deficiencies in British armor, but the same old obsolescent models kept getting made because they did work, after a fashion, and England had no time to tool up to build anything better.

Bitter, of Chicago, was injured doing was Nstrafing the huge Jap air base at Chiengmai, Thailand, in a worn out Curtiss P-40B War hawk, an aircraft the Chinese and their American volunteer pilots were able to fly only because the British turned them down as obsolescent for service against the Germans in Europe.