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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Obsolesce \Ob`so*lesce"\, v. i. [L. obsolescere. See Obsolescent.] To become obsolescent. [R.]
--Fitzed. Hall.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1801, from Latin obsolescere "to grow old, wear out, lose value, become obsolete," inchoative of obsolere "fall into disuse" (see obsolete). Related: Obsolesced; obsolescing.


vb. To become obsolete.


v. become obsolete, fall into disuse; "This word has not obsolesced, although it is rarely used"

Usage examples of "obsolesce".

A religious crackpot working in a shop that looks as if it should be full of broken-down cars comes up with an invention that will instantly obsolesce all conventional radar technology.

Like the rest of the furnishings, they were not new, but in recent centuries, equipment had obsolesced slowly.

The University hadn't taught him or his predecessors what it didn't have access to, and, wondrous to say, the people in Defense who'd understood the data had died, and their successors had just guarded the file drawers without knowing what they were sitting on… until the downloads from the ship in a matter of seconds had obsolesced the secrets the Defense Department was keeping.