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n. 1 The son of Ruth and Boaz, father of Jesse and grandfather of David, grandson of Naomi. 2 (given name male from=Hebrew) of biblical origin. 3 A stream draining a part of the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee, USA.

Obed (biblical figure)

In the Tanakh, Obed was a son of Boaz and Ruth, the father of Jesse, and the grandfather of David. He is one of Jesus' ancestors in the genealogies found in the Gospel of Matthew and the Gospel of Luke.

Obed (name)
  • Donni Obed Valle Valdison (born 1981), a Salvadoran football player
  • John Obed Howard (born 1928), a lightweight professional boxer from Canada
  • Obed Ariri (born 1956), a former American football placekicker
  • Obed Asamoah (born 1936), a politician from Ghana
  • Obed Cétoute (born 1983), a Canadian footballer
  • Obed Crosby Haycock (1901–1983), a scientist and educator
  • Obed Dlamini (born 1937), Prime Minister of Swaziland 1989–1993
  • Obed Enamorado (born 1985), a Honduran football goalkeeper
  • Obed Gómez (born 1966), a Puerto Rican artist of modern art
  • Obed Hall (1757–1828), a United States Representative from New Hampshire
  • Obed Hussey (1792–1860), an American inventor
  • Obed Mlaba, mayor of the eThekwini, South Africa
  • Obed Mutanya (born 1981), a Zambian long-distance and cross country runner
  • Obed Nicholls (1885–1962), a Cornish artist in copper repousse
  • Obed Sullivan, (born 1968), a heavyweight boxer
  • Obie Fernandez,author, computer programmer, American

Obed Awowede, Nigerian journalist and newspaper editor

People - family name
  • Elisha Obed (born 1952), a Bahamanian boxer
  • Z. Obed, a politician from Nagaland, India

Usage examples of "obed".

The worthy Obed tells us, that in the early times of the whale fishery, ere ships were regularly launched in pursuit of the game, the people of that island erected lofty spars along the seacoast, to which the look-outs ascended by means of nailed cleats, something as fowls go upstairs in a hen-house.

Into town in the fall of 1973 comes Joel-Andrew, a miracle-working itinerant preacher, and his dancing cat Obed, fluent in several languages.

Russ Mosely he tote ole Hanks he mought git to Obeds tomorrer or nex' day he reckoned.