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abbr. (context music English) ''obbligato''


OBB may refer to:

  • Open Buy Back, a security
  • Oriented bounding box, a type of bounding volume used in computer geometry
  • Österreichische Bundesbahnen (Austrian Federal Railways)
  • OTC Bulletin Board, a regulated quotation service for stocks that are not listed on one of the major U.S. stock exchanges
  • Oliver B. Bumble, comic series and name of its main character
  • Opaque binary blob, a file format, which is (among others) used by the Android operating system
OBB (band)

OBB (meaning, Oswald Brothers Band) is an American Christian music pop rock band, and they are the three Oswald brothers, Zach, Jacob, and Nich. They come from Atlanta, Georgia, where the band started making music in 2008. They released, four extended plays, 3 in 2011, Live, Life, Loving in 2012, OBB in 2013, and Feelin like Christmas in 2014. The group have released one studio albums, Bright Side in 2014, and an independent album, Ready Set Go in 2009.

Usage examples of "obb".

As for budgeting, my first assistant Micky Obbs is on a half-pay retainer until the first day of Principal Photography, along with Des Blackadder and Kevin Skuse.

I saw the English contingent, Skuse, Blackadder, Mick Obbs and my whizzkid editor, Duane Meo.