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Oare may refer to:

Usage examples of "oare".

Handleidinge om de menschelijke stem te bespelen, conjac met zout, de rok van Trier toegelicht, in mear oare bekinde in onbekinde taljeachtingen, handliedingen, awentoeren, wandelende sielen, bijdragen, verlustigingen, lear- in kerkredens, visioenen in sa fierder.

Forward they passe, and strongly he them rowes,Vntill they nigh vnto that Gulfe arriue,Where streame more violent and greedy growes:Then he with all his puissance doth striueTo strike his oares, and mightily doth driueThe hollow vessell through the threatfull waue,Which gaping wide, to swallow them aliue,In th'huge abysse of his engulfing graue,Doth rore at them in vaine, and with great terror raue.