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n. (context UK initialism English) old age pensioner


OAP may refer to:

  • OAP, Offenburger Akademie für Psychotherapie,
  • OAP Tower, or Osaka Amenity Park Tower, plaza and office developments in Japan,
  • Old Age Pensioner (also: Old Age Person) - a person who has retired, and now collects a pension
  • One Australia policy - a proposal in the 1980s to limit Asian immigration to Australia
  • Open access (publishing) - A type of academic publication accessible by all, without fees
  • Open Air Pub - a two-week-long beer garden, barbecue, and music festival every August and April at McGill University hosted by the Engineering Undergraduate Society
  • Online Asset Partners - Digital Marketing Company in Australia and New Zealand
  • Offset Alpine Printing

Usage examples of "oap".

I would sdarfe before I dake a bension now from a rebublic dat iss bought oap by monobolies, and ron by drusts and gompines, and railroadts andt oil gompanies.