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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ an oaken table
▪ A couple of bullets split the heavy oaken door, before it shook under the onslaught of the enemy ram.
▪ By the central pole stood a great oaken chest, three feet high and as long as a man.
▪ Horse brasses had been tacked along the length of the oaken lintel and gleamed in the firelight.
▪ The ceiling had arched oaken beams.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Oaken \Oak"en\, a. [AS. [=a]cen.] Made or consisting of oaks or of the wood of oaks. ``In oaken bower.''

Oaken timber, wherewith to build ships.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"made of, or consisting of, oak," late 12c., from oak + -en (2).


a. Made from the wood of the oak tree. Also in metaphorical uses, suggesting robustness.


adj. consisting of or made of wood of the oak tree; "a solid oak table"; "the old oaken bucket"


Oaken is a small village in Staffordshire, England. The first mention of the Oaken place-name, was in 1086 when it was listed in the Domesday book as Ache. Its origin appears to be from the Old English, ācum - (place of) the oaks.

Oaken lies just one mile west of Codsall where the population taken at the 2011 census can be found. It is home to Oaken Terrace Nursing Home, a large nursing home situated just off Oaken Drive. Oaken's only pub is The Oaken Arms, a Vintage Inns pub on Holyhead Road - formerly The Foaming Jug, it re-opened in November 2010.

Usage examples of "oaken".

He arose from the oaken bench on which he was seated in the chapel, and wished, as the priest had done, to go and bid a last adieu to the double grave which contained his two lost friends.

The supporting poles were kicked aside, and before they hit the ground Erik and Akee, along with two other men, were lifting the heavy oaken bar out of the brackets that held it in place.

Mayhap six feet or so of oaken clyster will, if not truly ease you, at least serve as a counterirritant.

He held it in his hand a while wondering where he could have seen such like stuff before, that it should smite a pang into his heart, and suddenly called to mind the little hall at Bourton Abbas with the oaken benches and the rush-strewn floor, and this same flower-broidered green cloth dancing about the naked feet of a fair damsel, as she moved nimbly hither and thither dighting him his bever.

One hour later I knocked on the gorgeous oaken baronial door of the Abe and Charity Gingivitis House Beautiful.

He has seen Miss Hardin and I vanish into a solid oaken door as if we had melted into a stone wall.

They entered the ante-room, a spacious chamber, bare of furniture save for an oaken table in the middle, some faded and mildewed tapestries, and a cane-backed settle of twisted walnut over against the wall.

An ebony-cased pianette occupied one corner,--and on a small side-table stood a heavily-made oaken chest, brass-bound and double-locked.

At last Villeneuve accepts the sea and fate, Despite the Cadiz council called of late, Whereat his stoutest captains--men the first To do all mortals durst-- Willing to sail, and bleed, and bear the worst, Short of cold suicide, did yet opine That plunging mid those teeth of treble line In jaws of oaken wood Held open by the English navarchy With suasive breadth and artful modesty, Would smack of purposeless foolhardihood.

The pond-head of his passion being now filled to the utmost limit of its capacity, and beginning to overflow in the quivering of his lips and the flashing of his eyes, he pulled up all the flash-boards at once, and gave loose to the full torrent of his indignation, by seizing, like furious Ajax, not a messy stone more than two modern men could raise, but a vast dish of beef more than fifty ancient yeomen could eat, and whirled it like a coit, in terrorem, over the head of the friar, to the extremity of the apartment, Where it on oaken floor did settle, With mighty din of ponderous metal.

This thought gave me pause, or at least a lash of sentimental static that was not quite elaborated into a thought: the wonder that living oaken tissue could be so patient and obedient to its built-in triadic rhythm, responding to the tiny distortions of its oversized cells.

No better haven, the vast oaken table offered an unaccommodating surface upon which to drop due to faintness.

You know yourselves of the ancient oaken chair in Talland Church, with the mermaid carved upon its side.

Behind were the little clump of steel-clad horsemen, their lances raised, with long pensils drooping down the oaken shafts.

But he did not often try to stand, for staying on his feet in the springless conveyance as it bounced and jounced from rut to rock to pothole along the ill-tended track was an effort foredoomed to failure, even given a plenitude of thick, stout oaken bars to which to cling.