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Nyle may refer to:

  • Nyle (given name)
  • New York and Lake Erie Railroad, (reporting mark NYLE)
Nyle (given name)

Nyle is a given name. Notable people with the given name include:

  • Nyle Salmans, American football coach
  • Nyle Wiren (born 1973), American football player
  • Nyle Wolfe (born 1971), American singer

Usage examples of "nyle".

He watched the children say their good-nights, and then followed the guard called Nyle into the outer room.

The man nodded uncertainly and then, watching FitzRoy who was excitedly pointing out the beauties of his new toy to Nyle, he nodded more certainly.

He would lay strong odds that Nyle had been sent to the gate to look for him, but he had been back down the road concentrating on those waiting to see Harry pass and had missed the guard.

He was just about to ask how long ago Nyle had been there, when the noise reached a new peak and a double column of Royal Guards drove their horses down the avenue, pressing those already in it to the sides, except for one cart, whose driver whipped up his mule and careened out of the gate before the guards reached him.

They would send Nyle or Gerrit to look for him once they were out on the road.

Denoriel promptly told Nyle a sad tale of a wool trader going north with a full purse who had lost it and several members of his party to outlaws who played that kind of trick.

Denoriel had borne the brunt of that attack, which was clearly aimed at the boy, but Nyle, Gerrit, Dickson, and Shaylor had given a good account of themselves and put six beyond doing any harm.

Sir Edward made sure that the valet could do the boy no harm, warning Nyle and Shaylor, who were on guard duty that night to listen for any outcry and succor their master.

I will order that Ladbroke, Dunstan, Nyle, and Shaylor stay by the princess.

Gerrit struggled to pull it free, Nyle attempted to stab his opponent over that awkward shield.

The long-eared creature squalled with pain, dropped the bundle, and began to shout the same unintelligible phrase over and over while slashing so furiously with his sword that neither Nyle nor Gerrit could close on him.

The Sidhe who had been fighting Nyle and Gerrit huddled on the floor, moaning with the pain of steel-poisoned wounds.

 Blanche went to kneel between Nyle and Gerrit and began to whisper the spell to wake them.

I realized we were stopping to make camp and saw that Nyle had fixed on a large grassy clearing, evidently well known to him.

Anyway, I froze the water, which held them pretty much fast for Nyle and his men.