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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Ny \Ny\ [Contr. fr. ne I.] Not I; nor I. [Obs.]


Ny \Ny\, Nye \Nye\, a. & adv. Nigh. [Obs.]


vb. (obsolete spelling of nigh English)

Ny (digraph)

Ny is a digraph in a number of languages such as Catalan, Ganda, Filipino/Tagalog, Hungarian and Malay. In most of these languages, including all of the ones named above, it denotes the palatal nasal .

It has had widespread use for languages of West Africa, though in some countries, the IPA letter ɲ is now used.

It is sometimes used in modern Spanish where ñ cannot be used, such as in earlier computer programming or Internet domain names.

NY (disambiguation)

NY most commonly refers to:

  • New York (state), one of the states that make up the United States of America
  • New York City, a city in the State of New York and the most populous city in the United States

NY, Ny or ny may also refer to:

Usage examples of "ny".

Ambuj Goyal, interview with author at IBM Research Center in Yorktown Heights, NY, 28 July 1999.

Lunetta was pleased that the deputy inspector in charge had taken the story of one of his burglary patterns to a local cable TV program, ique Pasa NY?

In any case, the groups ny, ly, ry, ty and qu (for cw) must be counted as either long consonants or consonant clusters for the purpose of stress (see below) though it is also clear that sometimes they must be analyzed as single, unitary consonants.

And Mann, whose balls would ricochet In almost an unholy way (So do baseballers "pitch" to-day) George Lear, that seldom let a bye, And Richard Nyren, grave and gray?

Glad was this markys and the folk therfore, For though a mayde child coome al bifore, She may unto a knave child atteyne By liklihede, syn she nys nat bareyne.

For by this werk, south, north, ne west ne eest Ther nys yfostred man, ne bryd, ne beest.

It nys but wast to burye hym preciously, Lat hym fare-wel, God yeve his soule reste, He is now in his grave, and in his cheste.

For he, that with hise thousand cordes slye Continuelly us waiteth to biclappe, Whan he may man in ydelnesse espye, He kan so lightly cacche hym in his trappe, Til that a man be hent right by the lappe, He nys nat war the feend hath hym in honde.

On October 1, Tenet chaired the National Foreign Intelligence Board, the heads of all the intelligence agencies that released and certified the NIEs.

Thus Nyren had returned to the clanship of his fathers, had drawn around him those of kin blood.

Ther nys no difference trewely Bitwixe a wyf that is of heigh degree- If of hire body dishoneste she bee- And a povre wenche, oother than this, If it so be they werke bothe amys, But that the gentile in hire estaat above, She shal be cleped his lady as in love, And for that oother is a povre womman, She shal be cleped his wenche, or his lemman.

There are a number of very pleasant, tranquil places deep in the colo nies where someone could hide for a year or more.

By mid-day contingents of troops, mostly from the colo nies, were coming in to cordon off this side of the "infected" region and work out plans for going in and "disinfecting" it as soon as sufficient forces arrived.

If they take the colo nies and then put up a wall like this around the hub in all directions, the hub'll be cut off.

The adepts at least knew there'd been a Changewind in the colo nies the night before and figured some outplaner had been caught and they were right.