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Nvader is a Christian-based, anti-trafficking non-governmental organisation (NGO) and charitable trust, whose mission is “freedom from sex trafficking.” Nvader investigators go undercover in brothels in Southeast Asia to rescue victims of sex trafficking. Victims are identified, removed from the premises, and placed into aftercare facilities. Nvader investigators collect evidence to be used to prosecute those guilty of trafficking and other trafficking-related offences. Nvader also provides training for local community groups and law enforcement agencies.

As of 2015, Nvader has 16 staff members, and “a global network of police officer military investigators, lawyers, social workers, [and] business professionals”. In April 2016 Nvader moved its Head Office from Christchurch, New Zealand, to Thailand.

The name Nvader was inspired by Invader, a name Calvin Miller used to describe the Holy Spirit in his book The Song. Daniel Walker, Nvader’s face, founder, and former Executive Director, “wanted a name that symbolized something powerful, proactive and professional,”