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NV, nv or Nv may refer to:

Science, medicine, technology and engineering
  • Nv neuron, an artificial neuron
  • Nv network, a term used in BEAM robotics
  • Nitrogen-vacancy center, a color center in diamond
  • nv (neutron flux), a unit of neutron flux equal to one thermal neutron per square centimeter per second
  • Near vision, an acronym used in eyeglass prescriptions
  • Nevada, a state in the United States of America
  • Naamloze vennootschap (NV), a Dutch term for a public limited-liability company
  • Navajo language, ISO 639-1 code nv
  • Iranian Naft Airlines, Iranian airline IATA Code
  • Air Central NV, Japanese airline former IATA code
  • North Vista Secondary School, Singapore
  • Radical 38 (女), "nü" in pinyin but often typed as "nv" as "v" is an alternate way to express "ü"
Nv (neutron flux)

The symbol nv is commonly used to designate a flux of thermal neutrons equal to one thermal neutron per square centimeter per second. The symbol is used primarily to quantify the sensitivity of neutron detectors which are commonly described as having a sensitivity of so many counts per second per nv.

Nv (album)

nv is the second studio album by Battery, released in May 1995 by COP International.