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Nux (newspaper)

Nux is the official student newspaper of the University of KwaZulu-Natal. Started in 1934 on the Pietermaritzburg campus, it is the oldest student newspaper in South Africa. The newspaper is primarily funded by the university, and 8000 copies are distributed to students across all campuses of the University of KwaZulu-Natal free of charge. Eight issues, of 16 pages each, are distributed per year. The content is created almost entirely by students, from journalism to design.

The name had its origins in the acronym Natal University Campus Chronicles (NUCCs), which became transformed into NUX, by homophony and rotation of the C's.

The Executive body sits in Pietermaritzburg, and is editorially independent of the university and its structures.


Nux may refer to:

  • Nux (newspaper), a student newspaper at the University of KwaZulu-Natal
  • Nux (Mad Max character), one of the main characters in the movie Mad Max: Fury Road, by Nicholas Hoult
  • NUX Organization, a Japanese record label
  • "Nux" (poem), a Latin poem spuriously attributed to Ovid
  • Strychnos nux-vomica, a deciduous tree native to India and Southeast Asia
Nux (Mad Max character)

Nux is one of the main characters in Mad Max: Fury Road, portrayed by Nicholas Hoult. He is a member of Immortan Joe's army of War Boys and lives in the settlement known as The Citadel, but later allies himself with Max Rockatansky and Imperator Furiosa after feeling responsible for the death of Angharad, one of Joe's Five Wives.

Usage examples of "nux".

A case is reported on the page before me of a soldier affected with acute inflammation in the chest, who took successively aconite, bryonia, nux vomica, and pulsatilla, and after thirty-eight days of treatment remained without any important change in his disease.

In a report of a poisoning case now on trial, where we are told that arsenic enough was found in the stomach to produce death in twenty-four hours, the patient is said to have been treated by arsenic, phosphorus, bryonia, aconite, nux vomica, and muriatic acid,--by a practitioner of what school it may be imagined.

The symptoms, post-mortem appearances, and treatment, of poisoning by nux vomica are the same as for strychnine.

But that would be easily cured, when she could get to her bag, with three globules of nux vomica--and darling Derek must not be waked up for anything!

He woke at once, so that providentially she was able to get up, and, having stood with her weight on one leg for five minutes, so as to be quite sure she did not fall, she crossed back to the window, took her nux vomica, and sat down with her tablets to note down the little affairs she would require, while Nedda took her place beside the bed, to fan him.

We can clear away all this litter and plant a catalpa tree to hide the brickyard and a hedge of copernicus or nux vomica to hide the gravel pit, and some bright flowers to hide the hedge.

Besides sulphur there was sugar of lead in it and tincture of nux vomica and bay rum.

I can tell you we rub Nux with a mixture of bitumen, olive oil and usually hellebore.

I deduced that Nux was now lying outside in the corridor, full length, with her paws against the door and her nose pressed to the gap at the bottom.

He pulled a mocking face, while presenting Nux with a large packet of skin-ailment ointment.

While Nux raced around barking, Helena and I had skulked off towards the massive statue of Neptune, pretending that the sea of chests and wicker baskets had no connection with us.

I was trying to call her back to me, with a view to attaching a rope to her so she did not rush indoors before I had had a chance to sluice her down, when Nux found new excitement.

Looking anxious, she was waiting in the entrance, accompanied by Nux and our bodyguard.

All the more reason for me to sit one day in some gimcrack villa of my own, to gaze across a low river valley, while rowdy descendants of Nux barked at shrieking infants in some struggling provincial garden where my ancient wife was reading on a sunny bench, intermittently asking her companions to keep quiet because the old fellow was writing his memoirs.

Foster Gardens of Nuuanu in Hawaii, on a tall tree whose scientific name he still remembered: Strychnos Nux Vomica, the richest source of raw strychnine.