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nursing care

n. care by a skilled nurse

Usage examples of "nursing care".

The patient had embolized air to the brain during the operation and now was no more than a living vegetable totally dependent on a breathing machine, but with the quality of the nursing care at the Memorial, he could be expected to live indefinitely.

You had to know the man to know what the word concealed: a morbid, obsessive dread of fire, which had taken root with that small kitchen blaze and grown till not even live-in help, and finally not even round-the-clock nursing care, could reassure him.

Both of us had parents who were deceased by then, but the need for attractive housing and skilled nursing care for the elderly was something we'd both struggled to find and not always with success.

Instead, Victor has been given food and water and ordinary nursing care for more than twenty-six years.

I expect to be allowed to assist with your nursing care, Patient Hewlitt, and if there is any other way that I can help with nonmedical advice or information you have only to—.

Some of the money had been spent on the sister's twenty-four-hour nursing care and medical bills, but most went into real estate: Starkweather had amassed an empire of over eleven thousand California acres, primarily vacant lots in run-down neighborhoods that he never developed.

At the present time 30 per cent of the cost of a room goes to nursing care.

Ultimately it will be necessary to give patients no more nursing care than they really need.

Some couldn't be killed with kindness and medications and skilled nursing care.

She had had charge of the babies, special nursing care, after the complex surgery of their first month on board.