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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ I would preface our nuptials with the good opinion of my neighbours.
▪ Just 24 pictures taken inside by a prison officer on film provided by the guests, will record the nuptials.
▪ Most nuptials involve inmates who will eventually get out.
▪ The girl on the sofa must be the bride whose nuptials Hatton's death had deferred.
▪ The Skibo Castle nuptials are surrounded by maximum security and secrecy.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Nuptial \Nup"tial\, n.; pl. Nuptials (n[u^]p"shalz). Marriage; wedding; nuptial ceremony; -- now only in the plural.

Celebration of that nuptial, which We two have sworn shall come.

Preparations . . . for the approaching nuptials.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"marriage, wedding," 1550s, plural of nuptial.


n. wedding ceremony


n. the social event at which the ceremony of marriage is performed [syn: wedding, wedding ceremony, hymeneals]

Usage examples of "nuptials".

More-nia could ill afford the expense and distraction of royal nuptials when it needed to rebuild.

With a fortnight since the nuptials, the players had had ample time to Speak with Olric, to prepare their presentation.

Hal wondered for an instant if there were a message there, if there were other nuptials to be celebrated.

You've been trying to duck out of planning our nuptials ever since I said I would marry you.

You may approach the day of our nuptials knowing that matters are in professional hands, and I in the sure and certain knowledge that I merely need stand in place and recite my lines in order to have my heart's desire.

Signora Fontana and Father Maratta had planned—conspired would be as good a word—with Sharon to ensure that the nuptials he was now awaiting the commencement of were fully prepared for.