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Crossword clues for nulls


n. (plural of null English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: null)

Usage examples of "nulls".

The situation of their trio was not good, and the Feline nulls were suffering.

You will be accompanied by two human nulls in the forms of our recent visitors from the Virtual Mode: a mature man named Dar and a young woman named Col.

You will be issued pain controls that will work on nulls, but caution is advised because once you hurt them, they will feel free to hurt you.

Instead they watched the other nulls as they went to the cubes and opened the doors.

They had of course not spoken of it to any other human, but the other nulls had known, and soon the button was replaced with one whose pain was nominal.

The masters and mistresses were not normally cruel to nulls, but visitors could be.

Feline names, as all animal nulls were identified similarly, but Cat introduced them anyway.

This is the situation: eight teams of Animal nulls are competing to obtain a silver flag.

Along with them were two human nulls almost identical to the ones the Felines had.

Cat explained about the agreement to speak for the Human nulls after the mission, and about giving them the pain button.

The winners will go with the real Darius and Colene, but the second place team will request to be assigned their human nulls as servants.

The four human nulls worked with them, satisfied that their personal interests aligned.

Because they had to be prepared for any likely degree of interest by masters or mistresses, nulls were almost indefatigable in this respect.

We do not ask you human nulls to participate, except to this degree: you who are with us, go with the Caprines.

The nulls were servants or slaves that could be used, abused, or loved.