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Nuit (alternatively Nu, Nut, or Nuith) is a goddess in Thelema, the speaker in the first Chapter of The Book of the Law, the sacred text written or received in 1904 by Aleister Crowley.

Nut is an Egyptian sky goddess who leans over her husband/brother, Geb, the Earth God. She is usually depicted as a naked woman who is covered with stars. She represents the All, pure potentiality both as it flowers into the physical universe and as it resides beyond embodiment.

Nuit (disambiguation)

Nuit is French for night.

Nuit (night) or La nuit (the night) may refer to:

Nuit (song)

"Nuit" is the name of a 1990 song recorded by the French trio Jean-Jacques Goldman, Carole Fredericks and Michael Jones. It was the first single from their debut album, Fredericks Goldman Jones, on which the song features as the fifth track. It achieved success in terms of sales in France.

Usage examples of "nuit".

Parfois, il voyait un cierge allume et, quand il revenait la nuit a la maison, le flambeau marchait a son cote, sans que le vent agitat la flamme.

Cette nuit ne finira pas sans que je sache aimer ou que je meure, gronda soudain Novelli.

Le cri des grillons dechirait le grand silence de la nuit, et la lune levee au-dessus des arbres argentait les allees du parc desert.

Saint Basile veut que le milieu de la nuit soit pour le solitaire ce que le matin est pour les autres, afin de profiter du silence de la nature.

Quand Belle-Isle est parti, Une nuit, De Prague a petit bruit, Il dit, Voyant la lune: Lumiere de mes jours, Astre de ma fortune, Conduisez-moi toujours.

Richard, of their climax in 1961, the Nuit des Noyades when some scores of dark-skinned folk had been tipped into the Seine.

There was a small papyrus boat bobbing against one of the ladders of the wharf, which Nuit had not deemed worth her notice until the scribe and the riverman dropped into it and paddled in silent haste out across the Nile.

On the day of creation a new god, Shu, came forth from the primaeval waters, slipped between the two, and seizing Nuit with both hands, lifted her above his head with outstretched arms.

The violence suffered by Nuit at the hands of Shu led to a connexion of the Osirian dogma of Mendes with the solar dogma of Sebennytos, and thus the tradition describing the creation of the world was completed by another, explaining its division into deserts and fertile lands.

Thus, the Theban Ennead of Amon-Maut-Khonsu, Shu, TafNuit, Sibu, Nuit, Osiris, Isis, Sit, and Nephthys, is, in spite of its apparent irregularity, as correct as the typical Ennead itself.

Divine Eye, Shu, TafNuit, Sibu, and Nuit, the father and the mother gods who were with me when I was in the Nu, with the god Nu.

So the family council comes together: the ancestors of Ra, and his posterity still awaiting amid the primordial waters the time of their manifestation--his children Shu and TafNuit, his grandchildren Sibu and Nuit.

Ancient tradition had imagined the separation of earth and sky as an act of violence exercised by Shu upon Sibu and Nuit.

History presented facts after a less brutal fashion, and Shu became a virtuous son who devoted his time and strength to upholding Nuit, that he might thereby do his father a service.

Charles camper devant la ville sans opposition, et la nuit suivante il fera une sortie contre lui avec toutes ses forces.