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n. (context slang English) A piece of marijuana.


NUG may refer to a number of entities:

Nug (graffiti artist)

Nug (real name Magnus Gustafsson) is a Swedish graffiti artist. He has been active in the Stockholm area and been called one of the worst graffiti vandals in Sweden but his works have also been shown at places like the art fair Market. Nug started painting graffiti illegally in the 1990s and was part of the notorious crew "VIM" (Vandals In Motion).

Nug studied art at the art college Konstfack where he earned a Master of Arts degree in 2008. His degree project, presented in 2008, was called Territorial Pissing, a film showing a masked man spraying a subway car and the Stockholm station entrance, where he broke in to make one of the scenes in "Territorial Pissing". The project attracted attention when it was exhibited by an art gallery in February 2009, and led to widespread criticism of Konstfack. The criminal investigation against Nug was dropped in April 2009 because it was not clear if he is the masked man in the film.

Konstfack has stated that regardless of the criminal nature of the project, basic administrative law regulations do not permit his degree to be revoked but the school is investigating if they made any errors when they let him use this work for graduation.

Usage examples of "nug".

Thegun Nug and the other two Foitani had kept their big, thick-fingered hands down.

Thegun Thegun Nug out and threatened to start carving him into strips a centimeter wide, his henchbeings might be persuaded to turn around and take her back to Saugus.

Thegun Nug bared his teeth, but uncooperatively refused to fall over in a large, blue heap.

Thegun Nug started to answer, then stopped and seemed to think better of it.

Without a word, she followed Thegun Thegun Nug out of the toilet chamber and back to her own.

Thegun Thegun Nug had all but groveled to them on the communicator, at least in the brief part of that conversation that had been in Spanglish.

Foitan from another, but thought she recognized Pawasar Pawasar Ras and Thegun Thegun Nug among the Foitani from Odern in the group that had come out of the base.

Aissur Aissur Rus could answer, Pawasar Pawasar Ras and Thegun Thegun Nug limped into the chamber.

Aissur Rus, Pawasar Pawasar Ras, and Thegun Thegun Nug all bared their teeth at him.

Of the pat s it nug t take, most o t em e to more un appiness, an he wanted to spare Hannah for the moment.

Thegun Thegun Nug had an unpleasant habit of assuming that everything would be exactly as he wished just because he said so.

Jennifer asked when Thegun Thegun Nug and his companions decided to notice her again.

They touched their left knees to the ground as Thegun Thegun Nug and his comrades went by.

Thegun Nug stood outside a place marked by writing in the angular Foitani script.

For a few seconds, no one paid any attention to Thegun Thegun Nug and his comrades.