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a. 1 (context obsolete English) prone; tending to. 2 (context obsolete English) face-down; prostrate.


Nuel (, also Romanized as Nū'el) is a village in Sharvineh Rural District, Kalashi District, Javanrud County, Kermanshah Province, Iran. At the 2006 census, its population was 20, in 5 families.

Nuel (disambiguation)

Nuel is a village in Kermanshah Province, Iran.

Nuel may also refer to:

  • Jean-Pierre Nuel (1847–1920), Luxembourgian ophthalmologist
  • Nuel Belnap (born 1930), American logician

Usage examples of "nuel".

Circumstance set a virulent mankind and its allied races such as the Orischians and the Athabascans against the worlds dominated by the Families of the Nuel.

Commerce was prospering, Nuel and humans and Orischians and Athabascans and all the other sentient races who were part of the new alliance were safer and happier than they'd been since the beginning of interstellar contact between sensitives.

It was then turned over to Nuel bioengineers working for a firm I control, to make certain of its harmlessness.

From there it was relayed to a shielded vessel standing in far orbit and thence via concealed booster stations scattered carefully among the eighty-three worlds into a vast section of space that held the swirling of stars ruled by the Eight Great Families of the Nuel.

Only then could he relax, safe in the knowledge that Kee-yes vain Lewmaklin was still a trusted ally of the Nuel, and Chaheel Riens a paranoid idiot.