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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1929, from French nudisme (see nude + -ism). Nudist "one who practices nudism" appeared at the same time.\nMade in Germany, imported to France, is the cult of Nudism, a mulligan stew of vegetarianism, physical culture and pagan worship. ["Time," July 1, 1929]


n. The belief in or practice of going nude in social, nonsexualized and frequently mixed-gender groups specifically in cultures where going nude in the social situation is not the norm.


n. going without clothes as a social practice [syn: naturism]

Usage examples of "nudism".

Little Magazines and founder of leagues for nudism, Thomism, cricket and the black mass.

Just before Jan leaves for America, he and Edwige spend a weekend at an island that has a nudist beach, and in the process of telling the story Kundera turns nudism into another kind of border.

They were a Dutch religious group that had been variously accused of adultery and nudism, ever since the days of Queen Elizabeth.

Astrology, health food, flag waving, bible thumping, Zen, nudism, nihilism-all of these are grotesque simplifications which small dreary people adopt in the hope of thereby finding The Answer, because the very concept that maybe there is no answer, never has been, never will be, terrifies them.

From there it went on to enumerate the even more fanciful covenants assumed by Isaiah Thoat, who personally undertook to eschew such practices as nudism, consorting with astrologers, or dancing in a ballet, on down to receiving stolen goods or being charged with drunkenness, upon the least of which breaches the whole deal was off.

It condemns the prostitution of art and of literature, the practices of nudism and of companionate marriage, infidelity in marital relationships, and all manner of promiscuity, of easy familiarity, and of sexual vices.

Little Magazines and founder of leagues for nudism, Thomism, cricket and the black mass.