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nuclear weapons

n. (nuclear weapon English)

Usage examples of "nuclear weapons".

Such a cutting or fission of atomic nuclei occurs in nuclear weapons and conventional nuclear power plants, although it is not carbon that is split.

We're in a shooting war with a country that has nuclear weapons on ballistic launchers.

But if we are reluctant to bear these costs, we should also consider the potential costs of not invading--the costs we will have to pay if, as seems likely, we had to fight Iraq at some point after Saddam Hussein has acquired nuclear weapons.

If the Big Uglies got nuclear weapons, the Race was liable to lose the war.

But I am not sending ten thousand or twenty thousand or fifty thousand or even five hundred Americans to their certain deaths in a protracted ground war in Iraq-not when I know that Saddam has nuclear weapons and anthrax and Sarin gas and VX .

When that day comes all the nations of the world may as well destroy their nuclear weapons.

We smuggle nuclear weapons into any nation or combination of nations such as Europe that pose a threat to our economic empire and hide them in strategic locations.

The Commonwealth could not tolerate the use of nuclear weapons on the very stoop of her back door.

With nuclear weapons in the equation, the possible consequences—.

The other attacks were against nuclear weapons storage sites, communications posts, and one big one against a tank site.

But there was more to it than that, since nuclear weapons depended on the interlocking logic of several physical laws.

Once there had been armed Marines at the gates, but they'd gone away when the Navy had been stripped of its tactical nuclear weapons.