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n. (context beekeeping English) A nucleus colony; a small bee colony created from a larger colony.


NUC may refer to:

Usage examples of "nuc".

McMullen made allegations about imrhat happened at My Nuc to your newspaper?

McMullen started raising questions about what exactly had happened at My Nuc, when he started alleging that what actually happened there was very different from the official military accounts, the senator was able to give him a very straight and a very dismissive answer.

Those actually ere were the only people who knew what had taken place at Nuc - and as long as they remained silent, they were safe.

By the time they moved in on Nuc, the journalist was still alive, and so were fifteen other including Hawthorne and Romero.

So I think there are some questions to be asked about what this woman was doing in My Nuc, in the south.

He was saying something about her father, and something about My Nuc, and something about how her father had not witnessed what happened there, though he had possibly guessed.

I got steam noises on all three, that makes 'em nucs, but if you look here you can see that we're just not getting enough signal for anything else.