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Ntjanini is a small village set in a valley in the south of Swaziland in the Shiselweni District. The village is situated 120 km from Manzini and 145 km from Mbabane. The closest town to Ntjanini is Nhlangano (60 km), which is the administrative town for the Shiselweni District.

The name among the oldest settlements in Swaziland, Ntjanini is a settlement on Swazi National Land (SNL) managed under the chieftaincy of Maweni, Mpini and kaLiba (Lusitini). The main chiefdom of the area is kaMhawu, meaning the place of Mhawu who was the first chief to settle in this place with his people in the early 1880s; after the kaLiba (Lusitini) people moved to Kwa-Zulu. The name Ntjanini is derived from the Ntjanini River which runs through the village and between the surrounding mountains. Although Ntjanini River is small, it is given because it never runs dry. The siSwati word Ntjanini means “when does it dry out?”.