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NSX may refer to:

  • Namibian Stock Exchange (NSX), a stock exchange based in Namibia, Africa
  • Narrow Shape Cross-Section Blade (NSX), a design of ice-skating blade from Diederik Hol
  • National Stock Exchange (NSX), a stock exchange based in Jersey City, New Jersey
  • National Stock Exchange of Australia (NSX), a stock exchange in Australia, originally named Newcastle Stock Exchange
  • Neon Swing X-perience (NSX), a US musical group
  • Honda NSX, a mid-engined sports car, distributed as Acura NSX in North America
  • Post Office Sorting Van (NSX), the identifier of a British-specified mail sorting van when it is equipped with dual brake systems
  • Rayon Payne (NSX), the pseudonym of a South-American born US man who was sent to prison for running a pirate radio station